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Experimental and Simulation Investigation on the Ultrasonic-Assisted Bending of Annealed and Aged AA6061 Aluminum Alloy Sheets
Type Article
Bending Ultrasonic vibrations Bending force Spring-back AA6061
This paper aims to investigate the influence of ultrasonic vibration on bending parameters of AA 6061 aluminum alloy sheet. Required setup involves generator, horn, load cell, and die. Four amplitudes of 0, 3.68, 9.2, and 14.72 µm with three different horn speeds of 20, 50, and 80 mm/min were considered. Moreover, two processes of heat treatments, namely annealing and aging, have been applied. It was found that application of ultrasonic vibration generally improved bending parameters. Ultrasonic vibration reduced required bending force and also spring-back angle; with increasing amplitude of vibration, more reduction in force and spring-back angle was seen. Furthermore, at lower horn speed, the required force to bend the sheet metal was less than the case with higher horn speed. In addition, due to the low strength of the annealed aluminum alloy sheet metals (AA6061-O) in comparison with aged ones (AA6061-T6), less spring-back was observed in annealed sheet metals.
Researchers fatemeh Asadi (First researcher) , Hamid Reza Rezaei Ashtiani (Second researcher) , Abbas Pak (Third researcher)