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Design of a 60 kW Electric Vehicle Fast Charger Using Active Current Sharing
Type Presentation
active current sharing; full bridge DC/DC converter;active front end rectifier; battery charger
Current sharing is a method which is used in high power converters for sharing current through modules for purposes of redundancy and power sharing. In high power battery chargers because of restrictions due to practical issues like limitation in transformer and inductor cores, designers decide to use multi-module converters in order to share power between them and use smaller transformer and inductor cores. To do this several topologies like parallel input - parallel output, parallel input - series output, series input - parallel output and series input - series output have been proposed in literature. In this paper a dual parallel input - parallel output full bridge DC/DC converter with active current sharing control is used to charge a Lithium-ion battery pack. Input stage of this converter is an active front end (AFE) rectifier which supplies voltage of DC link capacitor at the input of the dual parallel input - parallel output full bridge DC/DC converter. All designs are based on limitations of CHAdeMO and converter is designed for a total power of 60 kW. Simulation results show the appropriate performance of the total system in constant current (CC) charging mode.
Researchers Hossein Hajisadeghian (First researcher) , Ali Akbar Moti Birjandi (Second researcher) , Hossein Vazini (Third researcher) , Mehdi Asadi (Fourth researcher) , Hassan Moghbeli (Fifth researcher) , mohammad karimmadini (Not in first six researchers) , Adel Zakipour (Not in first six researchers) , ramin nahavandi (Not in first six researchers) , Mohammad Oskoei (Not in first six researchers)