October 17, 2021
Farbod Setoudeh

Farbod Setoudeh

Degree: Assistant professor
Education: Ph.D in electrical engineering
Phone: 33400222
Faculty: Department Of Electrical Engineering


Title Approach for low power high speed 4-bit flash analogue to digital converter
Type Article
4-bit flash analogue to digital converter
Journal IET Circuits Devices & Systems
DOI 10.1049/iet-cds.2018.5504
Researchers Bagher Razavi (First researcher) , Mohammad Bagher Tavakoli (Second researcher) , Farbod Setoudeh (Third researcher)


In this study a new structure was presented to design and simulate a considerably low power and high-speed 4-bit flash analogue to digital converter based on TSMC 0.18 μm complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology. In this structure, in order to reduce the power consumption in the proposed comparator, the reference voltage was removed and replaced with the threshold voltage of CMOS transistors. This method has reduced the power consumption greatly. Additionally, by employing reversible logic in the 2:1 multiplier, the power consumption and the number of stages were dropped and obtaining a faster converter was considered as the other breakthrough. The simulation was carried out in 1.8 V supply voltage and power consumption of 330 μW while the sampling rate was equal to 2GSample/s.