October 27, 2021

mohammad pichan

Degree: Assistant professor
Education: Ph.D in elecrical
Phone: 08633400222
Faculty: Department Of Electrical Engineering


Title Comprehensive Design and Implementation of a Modified Synchronous Reference Frame Vector Control Method for High Power Three Phase PWM Rectifier
Type Article
Synchronous Reference Frame, Three Phase PWM Rectifier, Vector Control Method
DOI https://doi.org/10.1080/02564602.2020.1800525
Researchers mohammad pichan (First researcher) , Amir Mirzabayati (Second researcher) , Mohsen Karimi (Third researcher)


Three-phase PWM rectifiers have been used widely due to their benefits such as unity power factor, sinusoidal input current and also low-ripple output DC voltage. Among control methods, vector control method in the synchronous reference frame through proportional–integral compensators directly controls the input current. However, the effect of non-ideal grid voltage like harmonic polluted voltage was not investigated. In this paper, firstly, comprehensive design and digital implementation of modified vector control method with simple structure is proposed. Secondly, the effect of the grid voltage distortion is considered and a solution based on resonant controllers is also proposed. Thirdly, all of the designs and dynamic assessments of the overall control system are performed in z domain to consider overall delay, comprehensively. Finally, extend simulations and experimental verifications on a high power 30 kW rectifier are done. The results not only show the significant decrease of THD value of the input current but also, simple structure for digital implementation is verified. All of these validate the effectiveness of the proposed control methods and design procedure.